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Shoshana Kertesz was born in Budapest, Hungary.  She wanted to be a painter since age four.  Based on her artistic talent, she was placed in an elementary school class that had special art education for the gifted. She studied Visual Arts at the Montazs Art School in Budapest for four years. Her teachers were Jozsef Baska and Katalin Renyi.  In 2003 Shoshana left Hungary and moved to Jerusalem, Israel. She continued to exhibit her artwork throughout Hungary and Israel. The works from this period show an orientation toward Biblical subjects.


Her figurative oil paintings have a range of different styles and subjects. Her realistic portrait series depict great artists, writers, poets and musicians that inspire her.


Her “TIME” series explore the relationship between time and people. Is it our friend or our enemy? How does time affect people? Is the end a new beginning? Is time linear?  Is it universal or personal?


Her Calvary and Shifting Faces series express deep emotional and psychological states.


Shoshana Kertesz immigrated to the United States in 2010 and currently lives in New Jersey.  She has had many opportunities to show her work throughout the United States as well, including the Contemporary Art Fair in the Javits Center, Gelabert Studio Gallery, and the Tivoli Artist Coop where she was an associate gallery member. Her paintings and photographs were published in numerous magazines, such as the String Magazine, Nimrod Journal and the Foliate Oak Literary Journal.





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